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Rewrite Your Story through Imagistic Writing

medical ilness, mental illness, healing by writing

Have you ever reached a point where you recognized that an early life-story has led you down a dead-end path? Whatever the source of that faulty story, you can rewrite your own story through “imagistic writing.”

How do You Conduct a Cost/Benefit Analysis of Growing Your Story?

cost/benefit analysis

Many of us have been called on to do a “cost/benefit analysis” of something work related. But how do you conduct a cost/benefit analysis of growing your story?

When Things Fall Apart: A New Year’s Eve Story

anxious, stress

Huge expectations rest on certain events, certain holidays. What happens when things fall apart? It may turn into a “great adventure”!

Chasing Christmas, or the Tinfoil Christmas Tree

anxiety, stress, chaos, Christmas

Do you have memories of December holidays? What are your memories? Are they perfect or not-so-perfect?

What I Lost and What I Gained by Revising a Major Story

personal narrative, writing to heal, illness, chronic fatigue syndrome

At some point, many of us have had to change a thread in a story we tell ourselves about ourselves. Sometimes that thread is part of a major story in our life. What’s lost and what’s gained in the process?

Am I Really Selfish? Reversing a Negative Story from Childhood

personal narrative, growing stories

My brother and I recently discussed “messages” given us by others that we carried into adulthood. We realized one specific message: My mother could throw no worse epithet than, “You’re selfish, just like____.”

Open & Hidden Messages and How They Affect Our Life Stories


As we track thoughts about our life stories, we begin to notice messages that guide us from important people in our world. But what happens when a family’s messages are colored by parents’ insecurities?

Birth Order and How Family Stories Evolve

birth order, family stories

The Danish philosopher Kierkegaard said, “Life can only be understood backwards…” In figuring out how our stories evolved, we do, indeed, look backwards.

Women and Men: How Conversation Styles Can Affect Our Personal Stories

personal stories, neurodiversity, conversational styles, anxious, depressed

What do conversational styles have to do with our stories and how they evolve? Everything! These behaviors don’t just pop up of their own accord.

How to Track Thoughts as They Convert to Story

psychology, writing, growing stories, anger, depression

Words are powerful, and the choice we make to use one word over the other can tell us a lot. Here are some ways you might track your automatic thoughts and begin to see where your stories come from.