How Do Thoughts Become Story?

medical ilness, mental illness, healing by writing

How do thoughts convert themselves into the stories we tell ourselves or others? Our brains compare new thoughts with those in memory and make meaning of the combination.

5 Steps to Finding a Textbook Publisher

psychology, writing, growing stories, anger, depression

Let’s say you have a compelling idea for a psychological textbook. But how do you find a publisher? It’s a bit of luck plus a lot of organization and research. Here’s what I suggest…

The Miracle of Story

personal narrative, growing stories

Story is an integral part of the way we think and feel and live. It applies equally to a book, a play, a therapeutic story, or a personal narrative. Story in the form of personal narrative “works miracles.” It gives us a glimpse into our world as we perceive and experience it.

PTSD and Writing

personal narrative, writing to heal, illness, chronic fatigue syndrome

“John” was among many sent to fight in Vietnam. Like others, he carried trauma home in his mind and body. It went dormant for a while, never examined by those who provided his health care, until it roared out of hiding years later. It was labeled PTSD.

Thresholds: Illness and Growth

medical ilness, mental illness, healing by writing

A threshold is the point where something new begins. If you are facing your own threshold – medical illness, depression, anxiety, etc. – writing can be a rich tool. Whatever the form, putting experience into words can be powerful medicine.

Writing is Hard Work

psychology writing, writing to heal, communicating and the brain

Hemingway’s words especially apply to those writing on a complex topic like psychology. Issues can range widely, from depression and suicide to anger and PTSD, bipolar disorder, and substance dependency.

Psychology Wordsmith

psychology, writing, growing stories, anger, depression

Each story is for an audience of one – the person struggling with ADHD, grief, bipolar disorder, PTSD, or any number of other issues. It provides a metaphor of the person’s life and is one tool in healing.